PERMANENT MAKEUP GUIDE: Everything Artists Need To Know

Modern day beauty standard nowadays is defined as effortless woke-up-like-this-no-makeup makeup look. It is of which us women define as a dream so that we’d be able to roll out of bed, be ready in less than ten minutes, and we’d be good to go. I mean – can you imagine not having to do your makeup and be actually truthful about ‘Be ready in 5 minutes’? Well, gladly for us, I’m going to be telling you how to kick start your permanent makeup career – from choices, qualifications, and future earnings!

Permanent Makeup

What is Permanent Makeup? 

Permanent Makeup is essentially known as micropigmentation, derma pigmentation, or in other words, cosmetic tattooing that uses micro-needles to deposit pigment onto the skin. It actually replicates your beloved makeup staples from brows, liner, and lips.

What can I do as a Cosmetic Tattoo?

  • Permanent eyeliner to create a perfect cat eye
  • Permanent eyebrow makeup to fill in any gaps in the brows
  • Permanent lip makeup such as permanent lip liner, permanent lipstick, or permanent lip tint
  • Permanent freckles all year round
  • BB glow treatment to even out any hyperpigmentation and for a permanent foundation effect 
permanent makeup artist guide

How can I become a Permanent Makeup Artist? 

First, in order to kick-start your career, essentially, you must have gone through Training and Education. It is important to invest and choose an accredited school in order for you to have a good foundation in improving your skills.
Second, you need to undergo Health and Safety training. Yes, permanent makeup is non-surgical, but it involves skin breaking and trauma that gives you a great deal of responsibility to your future clients. The training will give you knowledge on sterilization of your equipment and environment and be able to avoid any possible contamination.
And third, you will need to have certification and license. In the legalities of it all, you will have to qualify in execution of your trainings and be able to apply for the permit for operation of your business.

How much can I earn as a Permanent Makeup Artist?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual Permanent Makeup Artist salary in the United States is $55,093 a year ($4,591 per month, $1,059 per week, or $26.49 per hour), with yearly salaries majoring between $31,000 and $57,500 across the country. In a very progressive industry, once you are able to present and own up to your skills and amplify them – you can make more than this!

What is a beginner friendly Permanent Makeup Machine can I use?

  3. STREAMER PRO                                                                                                                     
These machines are the latest and is being ran by a Japanese motor (one of the best in the industry) and one of the most comfortable in the industry that is extremely lightweight, it feels like a pen in your hand.

When is the best time to start a Permanent Makeup Business?

If you are asking yourself when is the best time and you have made it to this part, the answer is – there is no best time. It’s either you start now, or you don’t start at all. Choose your journey, make it your mission.