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Stigma-X Tattoo Pen: Everything You Need To Know (Best Tattoo Pen For Beginners)

Stigma-X is the latest and greatest in rotary pen tattoo machines.

Its ergonomic design and promise of low vibration levels is ideal for a beginner tattoo artist, just starting on their artistic journey.

Although this rotary pen is every novice tattoo artist’s dream, it can proudly make an advanced artist’s toolkit that much more complete. The grip comfortability allows for longer sessions with significantly reduced hand fatigue, usually caused by aggressive vibrating and poor design.

Investing in a good quality machine is investing in the longevity and health of your hands, which is the single most important tool an artist has. Besides the increased comfortability of advanced grips, the Japanese-made motor allows for quieter tattooing.

The insistent buzzing during day-long sessions can become annoying for both the artist and the client, so this feature is a welcome one. The motor has been tested tens of thousands of times over the years, ensuring a reliable and consistent quality.

The Stigma-X tattoo kit comes in both wired and wireless varieties. Wireless rotary pen tattoo machines have become much more popular lately, as they offer more mobility, flexibility, and overall freedom, all while protecting the wrists.

The motor is strong, with a voltage range of 5V-12V and with an RPM of 9500. This allows for more precise line work and a feeling of control over the design’s outcome. These durable tattoo machines can stand hours of constant use, without the downside of overheating, forcing the artist to stop and wait for the motor to cool down.

The best part? The price! Rotary tattoo machines, both wired and wireless, come with hefty price tags. Most beginner artists will have to choose between a cheaper unit, which often comes made with subpar materials and causes achy wrists or an insanely overpriced one, used by expert artists with years of experience. However, Stigma-X is an excellent in-between option, as it costs a fraction of what other brands charge, all while boasting an excellent and durable design.

From stencil to finished product, the Stigma-X rotary tattoo machine lets you feel each stroke as you make it. The shading stage is a breeze, and each line can be drawn with precision and confidence. The tool is known to be an extension of the artist’s hand, and this machine’s pen-like structure and cushioned grip feels like just that.

The substructure is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy and is run by high-quality RCA connector cords, with a power supply and needle cartridge that is compatible with most brands on the market today.

The Stigma-X tattoo machine is integrated with a gear system that virtually guarantees a smooth and quiet tattoo session every time. The wide range of speeds and needle options allows for a seamless transition between different tattooing styles and shading techniques. 

With its quality construction, user-friendly control and consistent results, this machine truly lasts a lifetime.  Whether you are a beginner or a veteran artist, the Stigma-X tattoo pen kit is sure to impress!