200 Packets of Henry Schein Alcohol Prep Pads


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Keep your piercing or wound area clean and dry with Henry Schein Alcohol Prep Pads. These small, sterile prep pads are ideal for infection prevention, as they're great for cleaning and removing superficial dirt from the skin. Each 2 in x 3 in pad has alcohol to disinfect the skin before use, while the thin yet durable paper material helps the pad conform to the wound area and absorb excess skin oils. 200 individually wrapped packets per box, each containing 4 large sheets of alcohol-resistant paper, providing plenty of sheets for frequent use.


  • 200 packets of Alcohol Prep Pads
  • Sterilized using irradiation
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Prep pads are packaged in easy-to-tear foil packets
  • Size - Medium