Pink Practice Ballpoint Tattoo Needle Cartridges - 20pcs

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Elegantly packaged in individual boxes, this set of 20pcs guarantees safe and hygienic use. Assemble with a tattoo gun or manually with a cartridge to improve your tattooing skills. Perfect for new artists, this ballpoint pen promotes precise and effortless tattooing strokes, suitable for liners and shaders alike.

These exquisite cartridges provide a seamless transition from skin to paper, bringing your creative visions to life. Thanks to the use of highly pigmented tattoo inks, each stroke is infused with vibrant color, making for a truly captivating masterpiece. Plus, with its economical design and pigment filling, our ballpoint cartridges offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional tattoo needles, ensuring both your art and budget are well taken care of.

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