Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo (Paperback)

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The Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo will get you started with the basic foundation for your apprenticeship with the paperback being 240+.

This book covers (and more):

  • How to Build a Tattoo Machine
  • What types of needle configurations are best
  • Access to 'Teach Me to Tattoo'
  • Components of Tattoo Machines
  • How to tune a tattoo machine
  • What best pigments are best
  • Sterilization Standards
  • Industry Secrets and Tips

Moreover, get recommendations on what gear is considered top quality, and tricks on how to use after-market parts on your machines to get the most bang for your buck.

Remember that the best tattoo artists will always tell you to complete an apprenticeship. The only secrets in the tattoo industry are the answers to the questions you have not yet asked. 

Package Includes:

  • Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo

From the Back Cover

Cheap tattoos are not good, and good tattoos are not cheap.

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