Piercing Kit - Set B


Designed to be the ultimate starter kit, this collection includes all of our popular body jewelry in one set. Perfect for beginners and seasoned wearers alike, with everything from nose rings to labret bars to plugs and more, you'll have everything you need to make that first piercing or to add a little something extra. Each piece is made of quality material for comfort and security, so you can wear it for as long as you like.

Piercing Set Includes Everything You Need:

  • 5 Piercing Needles 14 Gauge (100% sterilized)
  • 2 Captive Bead Ring with Dimple Ball 14 GA (eyebrow, nipple, lip, nose)
  • 2 Straight Barbells 14 Gauge (tongue, nipple, cartilage)
  • 2 Circular Horseshoe Barbells 14 Gauge (nipple, cartilage, septum)
  • 2 Curved Barbells 14 Gauge (navel) 
  • 5 Hollow Piercing Needles 16 GA (100%)
  • 4 Circular Horseshoe Barbells 16 GA (nipple, lip, nose, eyebrow, cartilage)
  • 4 Curved Barbells 16 GA (lip, nose, eyebrow, cartilage) 
  • 4 Labret Studs 16 GA (lip, tragus, cartilage)
  • 2 Piercing Disposable Clamps
  • 2 Black Latex Gloves (100% powder free)
  • FREE Alcohol Antiseptic Wipes