Dr Tatty Tattoo Numbing Cream


Dr Tatty cream is the ultimate tattoo numbing cream that primes your skin for the most effective and comfortable tattooing experience.

A smooth sailing experience starts with a soft, happy and painless visit to your favorite studio. You'll experience maximum 4% lidocaine numbing so you are completely relaxed during tattooing. So sit back, relax and enjoy a smooth sailing experience.

Top of the line, premium tattoo cream that provides fast acting and long lasting numbing, so you can get the most from your tattoo experience. With Dr Tatty, you'll feel nothing through the entire application process - it just works!

​​​​Dr Tatty 100% natural tattoo numbing cream is the only cream you will ever need​ for tattoos or cosmetic procedures. It’s hypoallergenic and has no added fragrance, so in addition to having no side effects on your skin, it won’t cause that yucky burning sensation. With Dr Tatty, you can enjoy your tattoo experience fully relaxed!

Package include:
  • 1pc Dr Tatty Numbing Cream 1oz