Dragonhawk X7 Wireless Tattoo Pen Kit


Dragonhawk X7's smart screen allows for effortless reading and easy mode control. The upgraded display is bigger and brighter than ever before! Enjoy a top-notch battery made of aluminum alloy with up to 12 hours of cordless power and easy disassembly, cleaning, maintenance, and replacement. Get 8-12 hours of battery life and experience the future of tattooing!

Lightweight yet durable and comfortable - 33mm grip and 180g/6.3oz weight for maximum control and effortless tattooing. Advanced formulation results in strong and powerful brushless MCore motor - 12V/10500Rpm, low noise and stable, low energy consumption and more power, no heat for extended use. Standard 3.5mm stroke length, effortlessly pushes the needle of the cartridge, providing cover and protection with efficient cartridge changes for most needles.

Experiment with 5 voltage levels and customize the liner/shader levels, then enjoy liner, blend, layer, color and detail modes. Reap the benefits of an advanced direct drive for a smooth, precise, soft and quiet operation. Suitable for all styles, the pen transfers ink to skin gentle and seamlessly, with stable voltage and low noise.

Kit Includes:

  • 1pc Dragonhawk X7
  • 1pc Black Tattoo Ink (5ml)
  • 20pcs Dragonhawk Cartridges
  • 1pc Tattoo Pen Bandage
  • 10pcs Ink Cups
  • 1pc Practice Skin

Package Dimensions: 10.5 x 9.0 x 2.5 inches