Dynamic Color Co. Greywash Tattoo Ink Set - 5 Sterile Vegan Bottles (4 oz) with 4 Shades + Mixing Solution

4 oz
Greywash Set
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Expedite your tattooing process with our premade Mixing Solution. Our greywash set includes four pre-mixed grey wash shades, as well as mixing solution for easy application. This is a must-have for artists who prioritize their artwork and prefer not to spend time making their own grey wash. And rest assured, our Dynamic Color greywash set uses hospital-grade water to maintain sterility, making it a safe and top-quality choice for all tattoo supplies.

Vibrant, Bold, and Long-Lasting Colors: Dynamic Color tattoo ink allows artists to express their creativity with confidence. With 30 available shades and high-pigment intensity, the possibilities for custom blends are endless. Our inks have been trusted by the industry since 1990 and will stand the test of time, ensuring vibrant and stunning tattoos. Let your imagination run wild with Dynamic Color tattoo ink.

Dynamic Color Co guarantees authenticity and hygiene with our Greywash Tattoo Ink Set. Each bottle is made of crystal clear PET material, sealed with our anti-counterfeiting labels featuring microprint for added security. Our American-made products undergo strict sterilization processes and are marked with the Dynamic Color stamp of approval, ensuring quality and safety for your tattooing experience. Don't settle for fraudulent products - trust in Dynamic Color Co for the best tattoo supplies.

Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 6.7 x 1.7 inches

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