Dynamic Tattoo Ink Candy Color Ink Set - 1oz

1 oz
5 Colors
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This 1oz set includes 5 blues - Lavender, Bubble Gum, Hot Pink, Sky Blue & Turquoise. Dynamic Color provides pre-dispersed USA-made ink w/ remarkable pigment content & smooth flow rate. PET bottles w/ logo anti-counterfeiting & heat seals ensure your sterilized product is authentic. Healing is smooth & vibrant for vivid results lasting over time. 30 colors to create custom blends, vegan & never tested on animals.


  • Dynamic Color's USA-made ink boasts the highest pigment content, smooth flow rate and sharp detail work. Outlining & shading made easy.
  • Authentic & Hygenic: Dynamic Color inks come in crystal clear PET bottles with anti-counterfeiting labels & microprint. Each is secured with our Dynamic Color heat seal.
  • Dynamic Color tattoo pigment creates vivid pieces lasting over time; we've been in the game since 1990.
  • Bold, bright colors that last: 30 diverse, high-pigment inks for endless mix-and-match possibilities. Unleash your creativity.
  • Dynamic Color products are vegan & never tested on animals.

Package Dimensions: 6.3 x 5.4 x 1.3 inches

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