EZ Tattoo Grip Tape - 24pcs Camo Self Adhesive Bandage (1in x 5yd) for Tattoo Machine

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Our EZ Tattoo Grip Tape is a must-have for any passionate tattoo artist. It easily wraps around the handle of your tattoo machine, ensuring a secure grip and allowing you to focus on creating flawless artwork. Not only that, but it can also be used for sprains, swelling, soreness, and sports wraps on any body part, including ankles, wrists, fingers, toes, elbows, and knees. Made from a special stretchy compression fabric, it is both elastic and waterproof, making it perfect for all-day use. Plus, the adjustable tightness allows for maximum comfort and customizable support. With our lightweight, breathable, and skin-friendly grip tape, you can say goodbye to slipping, even with sweaty hands. Elevate your tattoo game with our high-quality grip tape.

This versatile tape makes wrapping items a breeze, while only adhering to itself and not to your precious artwork, skin or hair. No sticky residue, clips, or fasteners needed - simply attach and detach with ease. Plus, the soft and stretchy fabric allows you to easily tear off any shape or length you desire without the use of scissors. A must-have for every passionate tattoo artist's toolkit.


Package Dimensions: 7.3 x 5.2 x 4.5 inches

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