Kuro Sumi Outlining Black Tattoo Ink


Kuro Sumi is the traditional black ink used for outlining and coloring in traditional Japanese tattoos. This formula is so popular that it's used in most tattoo studios worldwide. Kuro Sumi has a unique, intense black color which makes it easy to work with and apply with sharp lines. The formula has been carefully crafted to provide an even consistency across the bottle, making it easy to store or travel with. This high-quality ink works well with lines of all sizes.

Vegan tattoo ink & tattoo supplies never tested on animals & free from harmful chemicals. Made to be safe on skin and incorporate organic elements.

Made in America - now that's something to get excited about! Kuro Sumi was originally formulated and invented in Japan, but is now exclusively made here in the USA. We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to quality and safety so you can trust your skin to our ink.