Mad Rabbit Tattoo Enhance 1.7oz


Mad Rabbit Tattoo Enhance Balm & Aftercare Cream is formulated to enhance your new ink. The all-natural balm contains essential oils and moisturizers to replenish the skin's natural oils and nourish along with the healing process.

Enhance the clarity, depth, and contrast of your body art. The nourishing balm is infused with organic plant fats, natural vitamin E, and essential oils that combat ink discoloration on a tattooed area.

Natural and organic tattoo aftercare cream for all types of tattoos. It helps to reduce scabbing, redness, peeling, and itching on your new tattoos. Great for sensitive skin, with a soft and smooth feel.


Quick Tip; For newer tattoos, apply soothing gel first to help calm itchiness and sensitivity. Follow with tattoo balm two weeks after, which will help lock in the color and double up on the soothing relief.

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