Mast P20 PMU Wireless Tattoo Pen Kit


The Mast P20 is an incredible device, perfect for professionals of any level. It has complete control over procedures and a 2.5mm stroke, so it’s perfect to use on any skin type while keeping the client's skin trauma-free. Plus, its OLED display screen makes speed and voltage adjustments a breeze. And, it's so low-maintenance that you can just focus on your artwork—not the machine.


  • MAST P20 SMP: 24mm grip for easy bagging & travel, popular on IG & Tk social media, favored by women artists for skin art.
  • Mcore motor upgrade for Mast P20 Tattoo Pen ensures safety & durability, perfect for precise line work, black & grey shading & color packing. Offers faster, higher-quality tattoos with less trauma. Ideal tool for tattooists.
  • Weight: 122g (0.26lbs). Needles Depth: 0-4.0mm. Stroke Length: 2.5mm. Voltage: 4-10V. Battery: 1000mAh. Working time: 2-3hrs. Changeable.
  • 1000 mAh battery lasts 4-6 hrs, contents finish smoothly. Tuned stroke & speed for efficient coloring & less skin damage. Simple & efficient control for quick mastering.

    Kit Includes:

    • 1pc Mast P20 Machine
    • 1pc Tattoo Ink Black (5ml)
    • 1pc Practice Skin
    • 1pc Grip Cover
    • 1pc Transfer Paper
    • 1pc Tattoo Marker
    • 20pcs Ink Caps
    • 20pcs Needle Cartridges
    • 1pc Transfer Paper
    • 2pcs Disposable Gloves
      Package Dimensions: 9.9 x 7.8 x 2.4 inches