Mast Archer Gradient Blue Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine 3.5mm Stroke


Mast Archer's wireless rotary pen machine packs a powerful punch. With an LCD voltage screen, adjustable voltage, and a frame made of standard aluminium alloy and CNC carved materials, you can trust its durability. Complete with a Type-C jack fast charge, 2,000mAh built-in battery, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, temperature control and more, you'll be tattooing for up to 8 hours straight! Plus, its Mcore custom motor doesn't require maintenance and works with all sizes cartridges needles, for a smooth, soft, and quiet operation and outstanding healing results. Lightweight and comfortable to grip, it's the perfect all-day professional tool.

For any kind of work - lining, dotwork, color packing, shading, black and grey - its special mechanism ensures smooth delivery and softness. The two replaceable grips is safe to autoclave for sterilization. Easily rotate the grip and adjust needle depth, and clean the machine frame without seams. Ink transfer is gentle enough for any skin type, making this the perfect tool for your best work.

    Package Dimensions: 10.7 x 9.1 x 2.8 inches