Microblading All in One Kit For Beginners

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This kit is perfect for those new to Microblading! The silicone mannequin head's eyes and lips are removable, and it comes with 2 sets of replaceable parts. Plus, the set includes practice skins, pens, pigment ink, and finger rings - everything you'll need to start your Microblading journey. Enjoy the convenience of disposable, individually packed pins for single use and hygienic safety.

The pen offers safe, durable performance with stable, low-vibration stainless steel pins. A secure locking design holds pins firmly, making it ideal for brow exercises. The high-quality silicone skins mimic human skin for realism.

    Kit Includes:

    • 1pc Flat Mannequin Head (Inc. 2 sets of replaceable eye and lips)
    • 4pcs Eyebrow Pencils (Brown, Grey, Dark Brown & Black)
    • 2pcs Tattoo Manual Pens (Fog Eyebrow, Floating Eyebrow)
    • 1pc Silicone Plain Practice Skin
    • 1pc Silicone Face Practice Skin
    • 1pc Silicone Eyes Practice Skin
    • 8pcs Rubber Eyebrow Practice Skins
    • 4pcs Pigments (Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black & Rose Red)
    • 10pcs 18 Pins Needles
    • 10pcs 14 Pins Needles
    • 5pcs 15 Pins Double Row Needles (Fog Eyebrow)
    • 5pcs 23 Pins Needles (Double Eyeliner)
    • 5pcs R3 Needles (Fog Eyebrow)
    • 5pcs R5 Needles (Fog Eyebrow)
    • 1pc Roll of Film
    • 10pcs Wipe Strip
    • 12pcs Eyebrow Shape Templates
    • 100pcs Cotton Swabs
    • 100pcs Medium Pigment Rings
    • 300pcs Finger Cots

    Package Dimensions: 10.6 x 7.9 x 6.1 inches

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