NISIMP Long-Lasting Tattoo Transfer Gel Solution 4oz

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Discover the ultimate solution for flawless tattoo transfers with our premium 4 oz. tattoo transfer gel. Made specifically for tattoo artists, our gel promotes efficient and quick transfers, while also being suitable for novices to practice on fake skin. Experience the best results with our fast-acting and long-lasting transfer cream that dries in minutes and leaves a clear and permanent pattern. Say goodbye to fades and smudges with our superior transfer gel.

Create long-lasting, stunning tattoos with ease using NISIMP Long-Lasting Tattoo Transfer Gel Solution 4oz. Follow these simple steps: 1. Begin by cleaning and drying the desired location for the tattoo. 2. Apply a generous amount of the gel and thoroughly wipe the area. 3. Gently press the transfer paper with the tattoo template onto the skin for 3-5 seconds. 4. Remove the paper and eagerly await your new tattoo in just 10 minutes. Trust us, you won't be disappointed!

Experience flawless transfer on any skin type with NISIMP Long-Lasting Tattoo Transfer Gel Solution 4oz. Our specially formulated gel effortlessly transfers tattoo designs to any part of the body, leaving a clear and precise image. Ideal for use on all skin types, including tattoo practice skin. Try it now and see the difference for yourself!

NISIMP's Tattoo Stencil Gel is both safe and non-irritating to the skin. Made with natural, vegan-friendly ingredients, this gel boasts a fresh scent and is gentle on the skin. Its active ingredients include Aloe Vera, Aqua, Polysorbate-20, Quaternium-15, and more.


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