Shado 2.0 Wireless Tattoo Kit


The Shado 2.0 Wireless Tattoo Pen Kit provides an opportunity to express yourself with artful body markings without breaking the bank! This simple yet powerful tool is the perfect choice for those seeking to create a unique look without prior investments in costly tattooing equipment. With just a few easy-to-use steps, you can get the design you desire without investing a large amount of your time.


  • Stroke: 3.0 mm
  • Needle Protrusion: 3.5 mm
  • RCA cord connection
  • Start voltage: 5.5v
  • Operation voltage: 7-11v
  • Max operation voltage: 11v
  • Rpm range stitches/sec: 3500-9500rpm
  • High Torque
  • Machine weight: 243g
  • Wireless battery weight:50g

Wireless Tattoo Kit Includes:

  • Shado Tattoo Pen
  • 1pc Wireless Tattoo Battery
  • 20pcs Tattoo Cartridges (1003RL, 1205RL, 1207RM & 1009M1)
  • 1pc RCA Cord
  • 1pc Disposable Tattoo Bandage
  • 30pcs Ink Cups
  • 2pcs Disposable Gloves
  • 1pc Stencil Pape