Stigma-X Mixed Tattoo Cartridges (50pcs)

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(A) #10 Bugpin RL + RS
50pcs Super Value Pack
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Size: (A) #10 Bugpin RL + RS / Pack: 50pcs Super Value Pack

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These Stigma-X Mixed Cartridges are combinations of Round Liners, Round Shaders, Single Magnums & Round Magnums in one box. Loaded with safety membranes for all sizes which prevent backflow, inks, and dirt from going through the motor and your client.

Stigma-X Mixed Tattoo Cartridges will give you the precision and quality you need to deliver stunning tattoos for your customers. 

They can be used to fill in both thickly shaded areas and detailed fine lines. Stigma-X Mixed Tattoo Cartridges will fit most tattoo rotary machines on the market today

Amazing Features:

  • Stigma-X Series Disposable tattoo needle cartridges with Membrane Sterilized package. They were designed by tattoo artists, for tattoo artists.
  • Professional Tattoo Needles are safe, sterilized stainless steel manufactured for consistent, daily use.
  • Made of 304 stainless steel. E.O. sterilized and packaged securely in a blister pack.
  • The round needle tips are designed with a slope and the flat tips are designed with an arc, which is very suitable for detailed artwork. Rubber band-loaded cartridges, with a plastic membrane, so the tattoo ink won't flow back into the tubes.
  • Each needle is compatible with standard cartridge tattoo machines and grips. Carefully designed and more convenient to use than ever

    Assorted sizes combined kits options:

    #10 Bugpin Round Liner & Round Shader - (1003RL 1005RL 1007RL 1003RS 1005RS 1009RS)

    #10 Bugpin RL + #12 Standard RL - (1003RL 1005RL 1007RL 1009RL 1201RL 1203RL 1205RL 1207RL 1209RL 1211RL)

    #12 Standard RL + RS + M1 - (1203RL 1205RL 1207RL 1209RL 1203RS 1205RS 1207RS 1209RS 1205M1 1211M1) 

    #12 Standard RS + M1 + RM - (1205RS 1209RS 1209M1 1211M1 1205RM 1207RM 1209RM 1211RM)

    See Why It's Recommended By Pro Artist! ⬇️

    Needle Grouping & Commonly Used For

    4F, 5F

    Lines and detail

    6F, 7F

    Shading, thicker lines, and color fill


    Shading and color fill


    Thick lines, color fill, and shading


    Lines, shading, and color fill


    Thick outlines, shading, color fill


    Color fill and shading


    Color fill and shading


    Color fill and shading

    5M2, 7M2, 9M2

    Outlines, lines, detail, and shading

    11M2, 13M2

    Thick outlines, thick lines, shading, and color fill


    Color fill and shading


    Small lines, detail work, and intricate shading


    Lines, shading, color fill, and detail work


    Outlines, shading, and color fill


    Color fill and shading


    Color fill and shading


    Color fill and shading

    1RL, 3RL

    Lines, intricate shading, and fill-in

    4RL, 5RL

    Outlines, shading, and fill-in


    Shading and color fill

    8RL, 9RL

    Shading, thick outlines, and color fill

    11RL, 14RL

    Shading and color fill


    Lines and small detail


    Lines, slim shading areas, and small detail


    Shading, thicker lines, small area fill in

    8RS, 9RS

    Shading, thick outlines, and color fill in


    Shading and color

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