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Execute Flawless Techniques

Take your PMU skills to the next level

Regardless if you’re a new artist entering into the lasting cosmetics industry or an accomplished veteran, knowing the significance of a decent quality PMU machine couldn't be more important enough. This machine offers a major piece of giving beautiful outcomes to your customers with accurate high precision, strength and needle speed. A very lightweight machine to go to permanent makeup that does the perfect job!

Perform Tattooing like a Pro

Smooth lines and shading for small tattoos

This machine comes in handy effortlessly to solve a series of problems than any traditional tattoo pens from poor lining, missing color and awful gradients. This machine offers a complete freedom on any artistic movement and supports meticulous lining for delicate small patterns. The high-speed operation and light strokes reduces damages to the skin and provides better color packing for smaller canvas. This by far is one of the favorites of most female tattooists.


No More ‘Zzz” Sounds

Premium Coreless Motor

A fast frequency and high efficiency voltage of 8v offers no vibration and quiet operation during every session. Made by CNC-Machined by plane aluminum alloy and RCA cord using a unique light circuit board with power-on flashing function that can be used with universal wireless power supply that are currently available on the market. Compatible with any power supply brands as well. 

One of the Best Grips

Compatible with any rotary cartridges

The exquisite features of the Streamer tattoo pen are the smooth needle adjustments and stable bearing when working on smaller patterns, the pen speed comes with perfect comfortable grip without ink leakages and no excessive pressure. This machine is most commonly used for eyebrows, eyeliners, lips or any facial tattoos.



  • Color: Black
  • Machine Weight: 84g
  • Machine Length: 95mm
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Stroke: 3.0mm
  • Needle Protrusion: 0-4mm
  • Operation Voltage: 5V-8.5V
  • Rated Voltage: 8V
  • Start Voltage: 5V
  • Vibration Total Value: <2m2/s

Package includes:

  • 1pc Streamer Machine
  • 1pc RCA cord

Streamer Pro Kit includes:

  • 1pc Streamer Pro Short Pen
  • 1pc Digital tattoo power supply
  • 1pc Foot pedal
  • 7 bottles Premium Tattoo Inks
  • 20pcs stigma tattoo cartridges
  • 30 Ink cups
  • 1pc Stir bar
  • 2pcs Disposable gloves
  • 1pc Practice skin
  • Transfer paper

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