Stylia Manual Microblading Pen


Stylia Beauty Professional Tattoo Pen is made specifically to improve artist skills on eyebrow tattoo techniques. This permanent makeup pen is:

  • Double-sided for blending and shading
  • Used for powder and shadow effects
  • Made with lock-pin technology
  • Sterilized and non-toxic
  • Good for 18R Needles

Package includes:

  • Stylia Manual Microblading Pen 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these disposable? Or can they go in autoclave?
- You can use them as disposable, we recommend you use autoclave tips.

Can you soak these in barbicide and reuse them?
- No, these are single-use only. If they WERE reusable, you would need an autoclave, not barbicide. 

 Which type of R1 needle to use with the pen?
- Needles 12 PCD Sloped Needle or a U blade it’s really a personal choice. You can use a sloped needle more than a U blade.