Wormhole Tattoo Pen Machine Kit - WTK143


This Wormhole Tattoo Pen Machine Kit - WTK143 is perfect for budding artists! It comes with all the essentials: a tattoo pen with RCA cable, power supply, foot pedal, 5 color tattoo ink, transfer paper, self-adhesive cover, 20 cartridge needles, 40 ink caps, clip cord sleeve, disposable glove, tattoo sheet, and user manual. The pen itself is state-of-the-art with an RCA interface, smooth and almost silent operation, adjustable needle depth and powerful motor plus advanced gear system. Best of all, it won't get hot and is low noise - unleash creativity with ease!

    Kit Includes:

    • 1pc Wormhole Tattoo Pen
    • 1pc RCA Tattoo Cord
    • 1pc Power Supply
    • 1pc Foot Pedal
    • 5pcs Tattoo Inks
    • 1pc Transfer Paper
    • 1pc Grip Bandage
    • 20pcs Needle Cartridges
    • 1pc Aftercare Cream
    • 1pc Clip Cord Sleeve
    • 20pcs Small Tattoo Ink Caps
    • 20pcs Medium Tattoo Ink Caps
    • 2pcs Disposable Gloves
    • 1pc Practice Skin
    • 1pc User Manual

    Package Dimensions: 8.1 x 7.2 x 4.1 inches