Acolye Extra Strength Tattoo Numbing Cream - 6hr Relief, 50ml/1.7oz

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Introducing ACOLYE 5x Numbing Cream - providing 6hr relief for pain, itchiness, burning sensation, and swelling during procedures. Our formula uses healing ingredients to reduce inflammation and expedite healing for optimal results. Versatile for tattooing, piercing, and more.

With Acolye Extra Strength Tattoo Numbing Cream, your tattoo experience can last up to 6 hours. This powerful cream desensitizes the skin, ensuring a comfortable session. Plus, our unique blend of ingredients, including chrysanthellum indicum extract and portulaca oleracea extract, accelerates the healing process for faster recovery. Experience lasting relief and enhanced healing properties with Acolye.

This tattoo numbing cream serves a variety of purposes, including piercing, microblading, waxing, and more. No matter which beauty treatment you choose, our numbing cream will provide you with long-lasting relief and peace of mind. Applying our piercing numbing cream is a breeze. Just clean the treatment area, generously apply the cream, cover it with plastic wrap for 40-60 minutes, and wait for it to absorb fully. For best results, do a small patch test beforehand to ensure compatibility with your skin.

Prepare the treatment area by washing gently with mild soap and warm water. Rinse well and dry with a gentle pat. Next, generously apply numbing cream to the area, ensuring full coverage of the tattoo and its surrounding skin. Cover the area tightly with plastic wrap and allow 40-60 minutes for the cream to take effect. After wiping away any excess residue, wait an additional 15-25 minutes for the numbing effect to reach its full potential before starting the tattoo process.

Try a small test area first to find the perfect level of numbness for your skin and temperature.

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