Ambition S1 Wristband Tattoo Power Supply Touch Screen Tattoo Battery 1600mAh

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The Ambition S1 Wristband Tattoo Power Supply Touch Screen Tattoo Battery 1600mAh is crafted from a durable aluminium alloy frame and intricately carved using advanced CNC technology. With a watch size of 55mm*47.5mm, it is lightweight at only 60g/2.1oz, while the strap measures long: 22*150mm and short: 22*160mm, with a net weight of 6.5g/0.2oz. This makes it the perfect companion for outdoor tattoo work, allowing you to work uninterrupted for extended periods.

Effortlessly navigate the powerful Ambition S1 Wristband Tattoo Power Supply with its high-sensitivity touch buttons. Operating at a voltage range of 4.5-12V, this innovative device can maintain an output of 8V for an impressive 5 hours. Within minutes of turning on, the screen automatically locks for security, easily bypassed by swiping up. The LCD display showcases key information such as voltage range, working time, battery life, and Hertz, ensuring compatibility with most RCA tattoo machines. 

Features a touch screen with a highly sensitive button for a more convenient and efficient use. After 3 minutes of activation, the screen will automatically lock and can be easily unlocked by swiping up. To start or shut down the machine, simply hold the button key for 3 seconds. For a quick pause in output, press the button key once and press again to resume at the same voltage level. Inspire passion and energy with this powerful and versatile tattoo battery, boasting a 1600mAh capacity.

Select from four memory modes (5V/7V/9V/11V) by touching the middle of the display. Adjust the voltage by sliding the display left or right in increments of 0.1V, or use the red arrow icons to increase or decrease by 1V. The LCD display shows output voltage range, working time, battery usage, and Hertz for easy reference.

Package Includes:

  • Ambition Wristband Power Supply
  • 2pcs Straps
  • 1pc RCA clip cord
  • 1pc Charging Cable

Package Dimensions: 2.6 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches

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