Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine Kit TK527

Wireless Tattoo Pen Kit
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The Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine Kit TK527 boasts a powerful and durable motor, ensuring a long-lasting service life with stellar anti-aging performance. Crafted from space aluminum alloy, the pen body is ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort during use. Precision molds guarantee a tight fit for each component, minimizing vibrations and friction for a quiet and stable experience. This all-inclusive tattoo kit is perfect for aspiring artists, providing a tattoo pen, battery, needles, inks, practice skin, and more. Say goodbye to searching for individual accessories - the Wormhole brand has got you covered. Embrace your passion for tattoos and start creating with ease and convenience.

This incredible tattoo kit includes all the popular needle models used in the market for both lining and shading. Each needle is carefully packaged for maximum hygiene and safety, making it portable for all your tattoo needs. The Wormhole wireless battery boasts an impressive 1050mAh capacity and can be fully charged in just 3.5-4 hours. In laboratory tests, it can run for up to 6 hours at a voltage of 8V. With its wireless design, you can now say goodbye to tangled wires and enjoy a lightweight and simplified operation. Plus, the needles have exceptional ink absorption and won't leak, ensuring a smooth tattoo process every time.

Kit Includes:

  • 1pc Wireless Tattoo Pen
  • 20pcs Needle Cartridges
  • 10pcs Ink Cups
  • 2pcs Practice Skin
  • 10pcs Tattoo Inks
  • 2pcs Transfer Papers
  • 1pc Grip Bandage
  • 2pcs Disposable Gloves
  • 1pc Machine Cover

Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 6.4 x 4.5 inches

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