Yokacos Green Soap 6.8oz - Tattoo Cleanser & Aftercare Foam

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This remarkable green soap from Yokacos not only cleans excess dried ink during and after the tattoo process, but also removes dead skin, protein soils, and other impurities that can dull the ink and irritate the skin. Its water-soluble formula, made with clean plant oils and Glycerin, ensures a thorough yet gentle cleanse without drying or leaving harmful irritants behind.

Experience smoother, softer skin for your tattoos and piercings. Infused with Finnish oat kernel, a highly effective yet underrated natural soothing ingredient, this cleanser offers powerful antioxidant properties to calm and soothe irritated skin after any type of tattoo or piercing. With the added benefits of NA witch hazel for external protection and astringent effects, this cleaner will enhance your beauty process. 

Yokacos Green Soap 6.8oz - Tattoo Cleanser & Aftercare Foam offers an optimal blend of ultra-concentrated formula, making it highly economical and efficient. Simply mix 1 part soap with 8-12 parts water and achieve superior cleaning performance. The packaging is carefully designed for maximum freshness and easy storage, with double seals to maintain non-volatility. Top star ingredients, Niacinamide and Sodium hyaluronate, work together to balance the stratum corneum, stabilize moisture, and maintain a healthy skin condition.

This mild soap can be confidently used on piercings and tattoos, including those on the Ear, Nose, Belly Button, Earrings, and more. Trust in the power of Yokacos Green Soap for all your cleansing and aftercare needs. Eco-friendly Yokacos Green Soap contains no animal ingredients, alcohol, parabens, dyes, or fillers. Use it as a gentle spray or foam for clean, refreshed skin.

Package Dimensions: 6.6 x 1.7 x 1.6 inches

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