Can You Teach Yourself to Tattoo? - Tattoo Unleashed

Dreaming of becoming a tattoo artist but don't have the finances for school or an apprenticeship? Here's how you can make your dream come true:

The ability to self-learn tattooing depends on your skills, willingness to learn, and the time you can commit to practice.

Practicing is crucial to becoming a skilled tattoo artist, and the most effective way to gain that practice is by learning from an experienced tattoo artist.

If you're eager to learn tattooing, we'll guide you through the process.

What does it take to be a tattoo artist?

Becoming a tattoo artist demands time, effort, and practice. The optimal approach is to learn from an established tattoo artist with years of experience.

Apprenticeships provide a valuable insight into the tattoo industry. You'll shadow a respected artist and learn everything they can teach you. While it requires dedication, it's a cost-effective way to learn without emptying your wallet.

Can you teach yourself tattooing?

Begin by sharpening your drawing skills if you intend to self-learn tattooing. You don't need to be a master artist initially; aim for continuous improvement to create quality tattoos. Regularly practice drawing and build a portfolio.

Moreover, enroll in a blood-borne pathogens course to understand cross-contamination, and you can find these courses online.

If securing an apprenticeship seems difficult, seek out other tattoo artists for mentorship. They may not offer an apprenticeship but having them as mentors is a valuable opportunity.

Learn how to draw:

Drawing skills are fundamental for a tattoo artist. You don't have to be a pro from the start, but consistent practice is essential. Consider taking art classes to explore various styles and keep a sketchpad handy for frequent drawing.

Don't rush the process:

Take your time learning tattooing and avoid rushing into it. Prioritize learning about health and safety aspects and familiarize yourself with tattoo equipment before attempting actual tattoos.

Once you're confident in drawing on paper, practice tattooing on fruit, synthetic skins, or pigskin to refine your skills on different surfaces and textures.

Get the Right Equipment

If you’re teaching yourself how to tattoo, make sure you have your own equipment. Tattooing equipment can be very expensive, but you get what you pay for. We recommend getting Stigma-X Tattoo Kit to get started and it has everything you need.

Talk to tattoo artists to find out what kind of equipment you need and which brands are best. Most of the time, professional tattoo artists recommends Stigma-X Kit as the brand of choice for beginners. It might be worth saving up for a few months if you can, because when you’re tattooing for real, the right equipment really will make a difference.


Mastering the art of tattooing demands time and dedication, but self-teaching is an achievable path.

As you chart your course towards a career as a tattoo artist, it's vital to seek advice from established professionals in the industry. By fully committing to this career and nurturing your passion, you can undoubtedly achieve your goals.