How to Wipe Ink off like a Pro Tattoo Artists - Tattoo Unleashed


When one decides to have a tattoo made, it is imperative for the area to be sterile in every stage, before, during, and after the process. This will not only make the tattooing process easy but also eliminate some of the possible infections that might come about due to contamination.

This is done to keep cleanliness in tattooing and keep up accuracy, as from time to time, the tattoo artist has to clear the surplus ink off the skin.

Preparing the tattoo Before an appointment for a tattoo, the area where it will be done should be well cleaned. Such preparations can help the artist do his or her work.

Your artist will clean the area and may shave it at the studio in order to be sure that the tattoo stencil applies correctly and helps in smooth tattoo application.

What a Tattoo Artist Uses: Green Soap

Typically, tattoo artists use green soap, which is mild with antibacterial properties, and doesn't have fragrance content. It is also specially designed for sensitive skin. It is usually applied with a spray bottle, so cleanliness will be maintained due to the lack of contact with skin. It is natural, non-to And, if allergic or sensitive, use safe cleaning alternatives to green soap.

Hydrogen peroxide: This is used in the disinfection and removal of excess ink, but one has to be very keen on it because it can as well lighten or blur your tattoo.

Sterilized Water: Specially best for hyperallergic, ensuring safety and possible risks. Alcohol with Carrier Oil - This works best for both cleaning and skin care, though precaution should be observed with alcohol since it has the potential of injuring the tattoo.

More About Green Soap

Green soap is a detergent made mostly from vegetable oil, which is water soluble and normally contains other ingredients such as coconut or vegetable oil, and on some occasions even ethyl alcohol or lavender oil.

Formulated with moisture in mind rather than drying, this is of much importance in the tattooing process. The soap is then diluted further and applied with the blue paper towel during application, dabbing gently but not wiping so as to avoid ink spread and skin irritation.

Caring for your tattoo: This also calls for post-tattoo care in treating your new tattoo as an open wound: kept clean with saline and anti-bacterial soap, then well moisturized. Most important is not to suffocate the tattoo to be able to breathe, in that way preventing it from rubbing against your clothes.

The ink remover selected should also be such that it does not harm the tattoo or skin. Primarily, green soap is used; it is used in delicate cleaning nature but is very active in working. Always ensure you do an allergy test to all products used to avoid reactions during the tattooing process.