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Why Do People Prefer Pen Rotary Over Coil Tattoo Machines in 2024?

Every tattoo beginner should understand the difference between a rotary and coil tattoo machine before buying their own. We always recommend the rotary over the coil machine for beginners because they are a quality option that is also easy to use. They give you the pen-like feel that most artists are used to and it makes for an easier transition to tattooing.

Getting your first tattoo machine isn’t just about feel though, there’s a lot more to it. Learn more about why beginners prefer pen rotary over coil tattoo machines.

What’s the difference between a rotary and coil machine?

Most artists use a coil machine. They’re a little more complicated than a typical rotary motor, but the main difference is the sound. The loud buzzing noise most people associate with tattoo shops comes from coil tattoo machines. On the other hand, rotary machines are much quieter. 

A coil machine works by using electricity to power coils within the machine. The coils generate an electromagnetic charge that pulls the needle back. Once the needle is pulled back, it temporarily cuts the circuit and a spring pushes it forward again. This repeats quickly and translates into a hammering motion, allowing you to put ink in the skin.

A rotary machine works by using a rotating motor. When your machine has power, it rotates the motor and produces a circular movement. Your needle bar attaches to the motor’s top end and translates the circular motion into a linear one, moving forward and backward. It’s not as complicated as a coil machine and it isn’t nearly as loud.

Stigma-X is the perfect rotary machine for beginners

When most beginners are starting out, they need two things in a machine—quality and affordability. Stigma-X is a top name in tattoo machines that you can expect to last a lifetime. You can even get yours in a set that includes everything you need to start tattooing at an affordable price.

10 reasons for beginners to use the Stigma-X:

  1. Low noise
  2. Easy to use
  3. Full control
  4. Wireless or wired option
  5. Reliable motor tested tens of thousands of times
  6. Fully adjustable needle length
  7. 1-year warranty and CE certified 
  8. CNC machined aluminum alloy and strong cords
  9. Pen-like feel
  10. High quality and affordability 

Unlike some machines, the Stigma-X uses cartridges, so you only need one device to do all the work. What most people like about using this machine is the way it feels in the hand. It feels like a pen more than it does a tattoo machine, making it easier for beginners to transition their skill onto skin. The grip gives the artists more control and is also comfortable enough to use for long sessions.

If you don’t have a comfortable grip, you can’t get the same true lines and precise shading you would typically get from a pen feel. Beginners need to get comfortable with their machines to build confidence, which is crucial for tattooing.

Rotary tattoo set for beginners 

What do you need to start tattooing with a rotary machine? A good tattoo kit should have needles, inks, a machine, stencil supplies, and disposables like gloves, ink cups, wraps, and bandages. For beginners, we recommend the Stigma-X Tattoo Pen Kit.

What’s included in the Stigma-X Tattoo Pen Kit?

  • Stigma-X Tattoo Pen
  • Hookline bag
  • Aluminum suitcase
  • 20 piece cartridge set
  • RCA cord
  • Optional foot pedal
  • 100 disposable covers
  • Tattoo bandages
  • Ink cups

This set has everything you need to get started. It’s a good idea to get everything in a set because it will save you a lot of money, and it’s hard to remember everything you need when you are just starting. The Stigma-X Tattoo Pen Kit is a great starting point for your collection and the versatile pen lets you use most cartridges you can find on the market today.

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